we strongly believe that regarding sustainability, every action counts, so we strive to make our practices across all aspects of our lives sustainable and fair to the environment and people.

on atlas wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t with this approach, being sustainable and working with ethical conditions are our core values.


how are we sustainable


our aim is to design and manufacture collections made to last, reducing environmental impact to minimums.

from the very beginning of the process the collections are designed and produced to survive the trends. For that quality is key and also that is why they are timeless, very versatile and almost seasonless.  


  • fabrics and other materials

 all our fabrics are 100% natural, recycled or ecological, all of them sourced in Europe, where we can certify their production process.

also we struggle to avoid polyester or plastic of any kind in trimmings, shoulder pads, buttons, zippers etc.

all printed material and packing is also recycled 100%.


  • production

we produce our collections locally, all the process happens within 25 km form our studio, so we can keep closely in touch with the people we work with and follow up every detail of the process with minimum impact.


  • work conditions

we are extremely grateful we found all the persons that make on atlas possible, we have a real relationship with every person we work with, we support and help each other, without their help and commitment it wouldn’t have been possible.